So What the Heck is the Measles Vaccine’s Made From?

What the Heck Is the Measles Vaccine’s Made From?
By Jamie Lee

I think any intelligent and caring parent would want to know what ingredients were in any vaccine given to their child before making such a critical decision as whether to vaccinate or not.

Unfortunately, dangerously even, most doctors, nurses, health practioners, and now apparently, McDonalds, are very poorly informed by public health officials, or the product manufacturers, as to what exactly is contained in the MMR measles vaccine and their potential side effects.

After a self-conducted random poll by me asking several doctors and nurse friends who were pro-vaccine for measles innoculation as to what exactly was in the vaccine, few could name more than one handful of the 49 ingredients and compounds that are used in the new Merck II Measles Vaccine, freely available with a basic Google search.

California Senators this past week proposed legislation that all children be mandatorily vaccinated for measles or not be allowed to attend any public or private schools in the state next fall. In the same week, the Federal government proposed that all federally funded Head Start programs also require mandatory vaccinations.

This will mean that all teachers, administrators and students, bar none, will have to be inoculated solely by State mandate.

Several pro-vaccine websites are even calling to revoke doctor’s medical licenses if they refuse to promote and encourage all to vaccinate their children for measles. Others are calling to incarcerate those parents who choose to not vaccinate.

“When I was a young child I contracted Measles, Mumps and Chicken Pox as well as Rubella. I am still around after 70 years and so are my siblings, who also had the same except Rubella.. I never allowed my children to have any vaccinations. They had measles & chicken pox when young and are strong and healthy today and have children of their own. I have never trusted vaccinations and I believe that now more than ever there are poisonous ingredients in vaccines. Just my opinion and experience. I wouldn’t vaccinate my children if I were a young person today. My father was a biochemist and didn’t believe in vaccinations. He lived to be 100 years, never was vaccinated for anything.” Jo Witt

Many of us wish to raise our children through healthy nutrition and natures’ remedies and build their developing immune systems as God nature designed us to without chemicals, biotechnology and compounds of untested and unknown effects. Each new vaccine is essentially an experiment as to the short and long term effects on all since each year a new strain of virus occurs.

(During the H1N1 scare in 2009, vaccine manufacturers were able to bypass regular CDC/FDA testing to fast trak vaccine product roll outs. When the H1N1 virus did not infect the hundreds of thousands predicted by the National Institute of Health, the vaccines were destroyed but the vaccine makers still made quarterly and yearly numbers because our government bought all the vaccines at $10 a shot.)
Legally, ethically, and morally the American Medical Association declares that parents should have properly informed consent before making medical decisions.

According to the American Medical Association:
“The patient’s right of self-decision can be effectively exercised only if the patient possesses enough information to enable an informed choice. Furthermore, the AMA says, the patient should make his or her own determination about treatment. “
“The physician’s obligation is to present the medical facts accurately to the patient or to the individual responsible for the patient’s care and to make recommendations for management in accordance with good medical practice. “

According to the website some of the following ingredients that are listed by the manufactures themselves in the inserts for MMR that come with the vaccines are:
Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR): recombinant human albumin, fetal bovine serum, other buffer and media ingredients, neomycin. Chick embryo cell culture, WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts.

Two main human cell strains have been used to develop currently available vaccines, in each case with the original fetal cells in question obtained in the 1960s. The WI-38 cell strain was developed in 1961 in the United States, and the MRC-5 cell strain (also started with fetal lung cells) was developed in 1965 in the United Kingdom. No new or additional fetal cells are required in order to sustain the two cell strains.

WI-38 is a diploid human cell culture line composed of fibroblasts derived from lung tissue of a three month old white female fetus (aka aborted fetus cells).

Here is some critical information taken directly from the Merck MMR II measles vaccine insert, which again, most doctors do not even read before recommending the measles vaccine to all.

Each package insert must follow guidelines to supply information in order to comply with CDC/FDA vaccine licensing protocols. Some of the warnings are:
“ Women of childbearing age should be advised not to become pregnant for 3 months after vaccination and should be informed of the reasons for this precaution.”

“Do not give M-M-R II to pregnant females; the possible effects of the vaccine on fetal development are unknown at this time. If vaccination of postpubertal females is undertaken, pregnancy should be avoided for three months following vaccination (see INDICATIONS AND USAGE, Non-Pregnant Adolescent and Adult Females and PRECAUTIONS, Pregnancy).”

“Excretion of small amounts of the live attenuated rubella virus from the nose or throat has occurred in the majority of susceptible individuals 7 to 28 days after vaccination. There is no confirmed evidence to indicate that such virus is transmitted to susceptible persons who are in contact with the vaccinated individuals. Consequently, transmission through close personal contact, while accepted as a theoretical possibility, is not regarded as a significant risk.{33} However, transmission of the rubella vaccine virus to infants via breast milk has been documented (see Nursing Mothers)”. [2, pg.5]

Side effects of the Merck II Vaccine listed by the National Vaccine Information Center include the following as written also in the insert by Merck includes:

“Adverse events following MMR vaccination include seizures, severe headaches, double vision, vomiting, joint pain, or pain in the digestive system.”

And further down the insert page:
“Brain inflammation (encephalitis) and encephalopathy (chronic brain dysfunction); panniculitis (inflammation of the fat layer under the skin); atypical measles; syncope (sudden loss of consciousness, fainting); vasculitis (inflammation of the blood vessels); pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas); diabetes mellitus; thrombocytopenia purpura (blood disorder); leukocytosis (high white blood cell count); anaphylaxis (shock); bronchial spasms; arthritis and arthralgia (joint pain); and myalgia (muscle pain); polyneuritis (inflammation of several nerves simultaneously).”

In the video below, Dr Stephanie Seneff is interviewed regarding her recent research into vaccines. She is a Senior Research Scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. In recent years her research has focused specifically on biology, nutrition and health. Within the past three years alone she has written over a dozen papers in multiple medical and health related journals touching upon many modern day diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and autism (among others).

You can access her latest research here. Her paper published in the peer-reviewed Journal Entropy Identifies “several signs and symptoms that are significantly more prevalent in vaccine reports after 2000, including cellulitis, seizure, depression, fatigue, pain and death, which are also significantly associated with aluminum-containing vaccines. We propose that children with the autism diagnosis are especially vulnerable to toxic metals such as aluminum and mercury due to insufficient serum sulfate and glutathione. A strong correlation between autism and the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine is also observed, which may be partially explained via an increased sensitivity to acetaminophen administered to control fever.” (source)

Over the past four years the pharmaceutical drug industry has had a historic record amount of fines levied against them by the same government regulators who are supposed to be protecting the public. The staggering total is some $31.5 billion, according to The Vaccine Industry has grown from a $40 billion industry in 1985 to revenues of over $450 Billion today.

No public administrators, scientists or corporate officials have ever been fired or gone to jail for their malfeasance, though many victims became seriously ill and some died. Additionally, the vaccine manufactures have been exclusively granted immunity from prosecution from U.S. regulators for any side effects, including death, from their vaccines.

Suing doctor results in the same dead end for the harmed and injured, as the physicians insurance companies use the Nuremberg defense of just following the U.S. Public Health guidelines to defend the doctor’s recommendations.

In 2010, two former Merck scientists filed a False Claims Act in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. The filing accuses Merck of lying about the safety and effectiveness of MMR vaccines, tampering with study data, defrauding the U.S. government and various other high-level crimes.

According to
“Merck… added animal antibodies to blood samples to achieve more favorable test results, though it knew that the human immune system would never produce such antibodies, and that the antibodies created a laboratory testing scenario that ‘did not in any way correspond to, correlate with, or represent real life… virus neutralization in vaccinated people,”

Other alleged transgressions include Merck swindling the U.S. government out of “hundreds of millions of dollars for a vaccine that does not provide adequate immunization,” as well as promoting the spread of mumps with its fraudulent vaccine. This elaborate scam, which the duo says has been taking place since the late 1990s, has allowed Merck to monopolize the vaccine market, specifically with regard to MMR vaccines. “Since 2000, the CDC has… paid Merck more than $700 million for its MMRII vaccine,” adds the 2012 filing.

That these two whistleblowers have come forward is courageous given that the Obama Administration has cracked down on corporate and government whistleblowers more than any other administration. Their important case is still pending judgment.

President Obama was pressured last month to grant whistleblower immunity to Dr. William Thompson, a senior epidemiologist at the CDC who co-authored and published research on the MMR vaccine for the CDC back in 2004.

His decision to become a whistleblower and reveal data that was concealed by the CDC linking the MMR vaccine to autism among African American boys was revealed during the summer of 2014.
In his report, Howley links to a letter published on the Natural News website from the summer of 2014 sent by Dr. Thompson to then-CDC director Dr. Julie Gerberding in February 2004, where he expressed his concerns to Dr. Gerberding about how the CDC was concealing data linking the measles MMR vaccine to autism, especially in young African American boys.

Howley points out that Gerberding is now an executive vice president at Merck, the pharmaceutical giant that is currently the sole manufacturer of the measles vaccine. Gerberding originally left the CDC to take the position of president of Merck’s vaccine division.

Separately, just last winter, the CDC issued an apology that the flu vaccine was ineffective to many.
From Reuters News:
“A sampling of flu cases so far this season suggests the current flu vaccine may not be a good match for the most common seasonal flu strain currently circulating in the United States, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Wednesday. The U.S. health agency issued an advisory to doctors noting that flu virus samples the agency took from Oct. 1 through Nov. 22, showed that just under half were a good match for the current influenza A (H3N2) component contained in flu shots for the 2014-2015 season, suggesting the virus has drifted. “

And now, apparently, you will be able to get your Happy Meal and free vaccination inoculations for your children at McDonald’s. From the City of website:

“The city of Amarillo’s Department of Public Health and the Caring for Children Foundation of Texas will offer free vaccinations for children from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at McDonald’s restaurant, 1815 S. Grand St.

“The vaccinations will include meningococcal vaccine, which is required for seventh- and eighth-graders and for college students residing in campus housing; the varicella vaccine, which is required for kindergarten and first grade and for seventh- and eighth-graders; the Tdap vaccine booster required for seventh- and eighth-graders; MMR vaccine for kindergarten and first grade; and hepatitis A, required for kindergarten and first grade.”

‘Parents and guardians are asked to bring immunization records, and children under 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.”

The United States ranks 38th in quality of care among modern countries, yet #1 in cost of care. In 2013, all American’s have been required to have this sub-par health care or be taxed and penalized by the IRS for refusal. Alternative care and preventive care are not covered by the mandatory, or else, Affordable Care Act, much less hemp oil, being newly discovered to cure, yes cure, many, many diseases like cancer.

Additionally, the War on Cancer has been funded now since the 1980’s resulting in the funding of our tax dollars of hundreds of billions of dollars. So far they are no closer to curing cancer than when they began the crusade. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated in 2014 that by 2035 cancer will increase by 70% in developed countries and 100% in underdeveloped countries. That is just 20 years from now, so apparently the WHO do not believe there will be a cure by then either.
During last September’s Great Ebola Scare, where it was reported that a total of TWO people in the U.S. died from the virus, legislation was passed by Connecticut’s Governor declaring the right to suspend the State’s Constitution over a Public Health Emergency.

President Obama, at the same time, altered President G.W. Bush’s Executive Order # 13295 which authorizes the government to legally “detain or quarantine” any American’s who show signs of “respiratory Illness”.

When a country’s government has decided that they have rights over what you decide is best for your own children, we have entered into a very dark area of history.

“If you think the government has the right to forcibly vaccinate people – for the good of society – what is to prevent them from forcibly sterilizing people, or forcibly euthanizing people, or forcibly implanting a tracking device – for the good of society? You make think those examples are extreme (although two-thirds have happened), but the principle is the same. You are allowing government to have ultimate authority over your body. ” Dr. Lee Heib, M.D

This year we will likely see mandatory well monitors slapped on our private wells due to the ongoing record drought in California. In 2016, our government, through the DHS, has publicly stated that all who wish to travel commercially will be required to have biometric national ID’s to travel anywhere inside the United States of America.

Our collective destiny of a mandatory controlled state may be hard for most to visualize, yet the frog boils ever stronger as our freedoms keep bubbling away with the increased pressure and heat on all to conform, obey and not question authority.

“Conscientious objectors to vaccination should stand alone, if need be, against the whole world, in defence of their conviction.” Mahatma Ghandi, from his book, “A Guide to Health”
Natural Law defines freedom, at its most basic core, as an individual’s inherent right to choose for themselves, as long as the Golden Rule is followed… do no harm to others. When a person does not have final say over their own bodies, and control is mandated by others, this has always been called slavery.

A total of six, “possible cases” of measles have been reported to be contracted in Northern California to date. If you are vaccinated, and thus have immunity from catching the virus, then one should not be concerned if others choose not to inoculate for any reason. You are protected, according to our national and state health officials. It is only those of us who choose not to, that are at risk.

I sincerely hope the many can respect and honor us “counter-culturists”, the self-evident, inherent Right of all humans, to decide what is best for themselves and the loved ones they are in care of.

1 thought on “So What the Heck is the Measles Vaccine’s Made From?

  1. I am sick of hearing of all this nonsense that a fictitious entity called Government has any authority to vaccinate anyone. Enough with all you ignorant people out there take a few hours and you will learn the power you hold in law as a man or woman (not as a PERSON). that is an all caps name OWNED by he who created it (Gov)…it is a piece of plastic with your picture on it…THAT ISN’T YOU IN LAW!!! wake the F up. Once you understand the crime that has been committed against EVERY child at birth by the Gov…you will then see the solution to all of this nonsense while restoring our world. Look on the back of your birth certificate…red number is there…it is a cusip number….by the gov fooling you that that is you all your life (and that you actually require a driver license which you don’t!) that isn’t you. This is a fictional entity that IF you act thru THEN and ONLY THEN DO their corrupt statutes rules and acts and all of that nonsense apply.

    It is that simple….go and look at all Gov issued ID…your name is in all caps. He who creates owns…did you create that all caps name? NO. This is what the Gov uses to borrow funds from fictional bankers who create money out of thin air (they are all in be together) and this goes back thousands of years which has done a bang up job on compromising the consciousness of man to who he is in this sick game being played in this world. The bar and Gov are terrified the masses will learn of this….because once they do… it is game over for this entire corrupt system. When you walk into a court and they call out your name…YOU think that it is you when your name sounds exactly the same spelled in all caps or upper and lower caps….THAT IS THE TRICK they play on you….when you answer yes that is me to a PRIVATE society (The Bar) then they have you to manipulate you and order you around applying massive fines and their draconian rules that some parasite drew up in a back room.

    The same entity that set up the birth certificates/Legal system (all caps name)/financial system are the same entities who control the pharmaceuticals and our Gov who are carrying out a very disturbing agenda against all of man. Learn the difference of being a man (that is it nothing else) and being a person in their world. All of this nonsense stops immediately because unless you are another man or woman’s property….then NO MAN or WOMAN can order you to do anything and if they do….they are now liable for damages/jail. This is why you can’t hold cops, lawyers and judges accountable….they are a fiction….but the man or woman operating thru that fiction YOU CAN under common law (man v man).

    This is what will turn this world around when we all wake up to this horrific racket that is being implemented over us because of our ignorance. This stops all taxation, enforcement or their rules and acts and statues providing YOU DO NO HARM to another man or woman or their property. That’s it.

    Everyone is reacting exactly how the powers that pretend to be want…once you out them for this collosal crime against man…the monetary system will change overnight and man will take back this world from the criminal cabal that is running wild all over the world creating wars, unrest, disease, terrorist acts (blaming others to continue the lie).

    We have a crisis in consciousness as man… it is so simple to address IF my fellow man will understand what happened to him at birth unbeknown to your parents and continues to this day.


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