President Obama, AG Holder Declare War on Black People


“There Comes A Time When Silence is Betrayal”  MLK

Dear All,

Above is a picture of my son and me on our farm a couple years back.

My then wife at the time and I adopted him at birth because the color of one’s skin made no difference to us.  We just wanted a child to love and care for and possibly give him a better life than the one his birth mother could offer him.

After nine years with my child I now fear gravely for his future existence and well being as I do for all children.

I fear not just because he is of African dissent and will have to live in this racial militarized police state but because the minorities and progressive liberals still to this day “Hope” that the first black President has not betrayed them all, that they we all have not had such a terrible hoax perpetrated on us by this new Jim Crow, and that the so very many still believe that he is the answer or someone, somehow is going to make it all better they just believe.

And despite the overwhelming evidence presented below, that we all live in a police state in this country and are being run as an open Totalitarian Dictatorship, many hope/change advocates still want to believe the President is being handcuffed by an inept Congress. A belief that all the multi-millionaires of Congress, who rank in popularity consistently below 10% approval by its people, are too stupid and dumb to stop the President from deciding the fate for all.

Until all understand that to resist, to practice open and often civil disobedience, to speak out, to change what must change, nothing will change until their is no one to speak for you, or your children and most white Baby Doomers will die knowing they knew, yet did nothing.

And their children live in total fear, debt servitude and military enslavement.

While they slept. While we all slept.

“I just took action to change the law”

And if this isn’t enough proof listen to this UN Speech he gave in September 2014 that he must “make War on War” so we can have “Peace on Peace”.  He really, really said this.  To the World.

And our “choices” for the next “election” in 2016 is either a Dicatorship of Clinton’s or some 16 years possibly or a Bush Regime of twenty years. Some choice.

Yet the next in power will hold the same Dictator power that Obama now enjoys, and all Presidents to come after that and all will feel the enlavement that was previously reserved for the less privileged, women, Indians and African Americans.



It is roughly estimated that Africa lost 50 million human beings to death and slavery in those centuries we call the beginnings of modern Western civilization…  American slavery [was] the most cruel form of slavery in history…There is not a country in world history in which racism has been more important, for so long a time, as the United States.”

– Historian Howard Zinn (PhD, history, Columbia University)


50 million innocent people were torn from their families and brutally put on slave ships from Africa where over 20% on average just died from the harsh conditions across the Atlantic. The rest were sold as slaves to work the plantations of Founding Fathers with names like “Washington” and “Jefferson” and “Adams”. They all had slaves. In fact, Thomas Jefferson pledged his slaves when he died as collateral against his massive debt he owed the State.

They were also the richest men in the U.S. at the time, because labor was no cost to their expenses. And when they finished the “greatest document in history” according to Time magazine, the U.S. Constitution, blacks were treated as chattel and declared to be 3/5ths of a person so they could be accounted for simply as “Property”.  Women and other minorities had no vote, no choice for scores of years to come.

“What’s happening in Ferguson is a reenactment of five hundred years of American history.  It goes back to 1619.  Slaves were brought over, they were tortured, terrorized, treated hideously.  You want to know how they were treated?  Take a look at this morning’s New York Times.  There’s a very evocative article on ISIS and how it treated Yazidi prisoners.  That’s American history.  That’s the way our African American population was treated.

 Worse than that, in fact, and for a long period – in fact, as I said, there are only a few breaks in it.  Militarization was one of the techniques of crushing the slave movements, and everything that followed…  Now it’s incarceration and militarization of police.  We’re reenacting five hundred years of American history.  You have to understand that, and that’s hard to deal with, but it has to be faced seriously.  You can argue about the details of what happened in Ferguson, but the background and the general framework is hideously clear.  It should be perfectly obvious to anyone who knows anything about American history.  It’s with us all the time.”  Noam Chomsky, M.I.T. Professor  (Source)

Never once has this country, in its 235 years of the U.S. creation, have we acknowledged, much less given a blanket apology to, and for,  the the brutal white supremacy treatment of blacks for centuries  in this country.

We of white color get all excited to trace our lineage through the likes of Yet, if your black, you’re lucky if you can trace your heritage to one of the slave ships that your ancestors were captured, chained and made slaves by. Every single black person knows this reality, while most whites remain blissfully ignorant to this fact.

Now the new Jim Crow’s, Obama, Rice, Holder, et. al,  have betrayed and spade their fellow brothers and sisters. Once again, just like the plantation owners of old, blacks are being executed, murdered and killed. Yet now, in in living color (pun intended), on national TV, with live video recording and nothing happens to those that kill the unarmed and the innocent of color.

Back then the white corporate slave owners did the whipping and killing themselves and it was legal. The only difference now is the white corporate Man has the police/military force do it for them.

The police get away with complete and utter impunity and immunity from any sort of punishment for the blatant killings of innocents. They are trained now to fear all. That any person could, at any time take their lives. That protecting their lives means more than to protect, to serve, and to provide safety and security for members of the community they are sworn to serve.

To cement their allegiance to corporate power, police are empowered to subsidize their incomes with Citizen Asset Forefeiture laws that allow them to “Stop and Seize”, for personal profit by stealing money from cars, totaling over a billion dollars,  without charges even being brought against the victim.

The good news, if you can say that, that the police are color blind when it comes to illegal taking of anothers possessions by force and coercion. (Source)

And the black President remains silent. And the black Attorney General stays silent. And the black leaders in corporate America stay silent. And the black entertainers stay silent…for they are the beneficiaries of these actions as no one can rise to take out their power or speak and have your lifestyle taken away or worse, they all know.

While the powers behind the puppet clink their Dom for their plans to divide, conquer and enslave all goes marching right on as designed, planned and implemented.


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Thousands and thousands protest in NYC for a third straight night.  12.7.13


Recent Murders of Unarmed Black Men by White Police; A Short Recap


Killings by police “reached a record high last year in 2013 [461], while the number of officers killed in the line of duty fell to its lowest level in decades [27].”


AMY GOODMAN: You mention the word “child,” Michael, and that is exactly how Darren Wilson described how he felt, he felt like a five-year-old child dealing with — I think he put it, Hulk Hogan. Can you talk about the trove of papers that McChulloch released and that description that Darren Wilson gave of dealing with Mike Brown?

MICHAEL ERIC DYSON: Yes, that is an excellent point to underscore. Mike Brown was six-four-six, and 292 pounds. Officer Wilson is six-four-six, 210 pounds . So, you are hardly a child against a Hulk Hogan. Look at what is being reinforced here. The brawny blustering, as Ann Petry put it, behemoth, This big black man, 18 years old, this big black man who was rising up in the collective imagination of America and in Officer Wilson’s site as some kind of demonic force. He literally used the word demon. It was a demon — it looked like a demon coming at me. He is reduced him to a thing. He has made him an animal or less. He has made him a figment of not only his imagination, but the collective imagination of America that has been fearful of the black male threat.

1) August 2014. A unarmed black man in Ferguson is walking down the street and is murdered while his hands were held high in surrender. Police leave dead body lying in street for several hours.

Tomiko Shine holds up a picture of Tamir Rice, the 12 year old boy fatally shot on Nov. 22 by a police officer, during a protest in response to a grand jury's decision in Ferguson, Missouri


2) November 2014. A 12 yr. old black boy in Cleveland is playing with an obvious toy gun and is murdered within two seconds by police upon arriving at the scene even though told by callers that the gun was a toy. (Source)

“This one went bad from the standpoint of how it ended, but the officer was doing exactly what we want him to do,” Sgt. Trent Crump, a Phoenix police spokesman, said at a news conference Wednesday.


3) November 2014. A unarmed black man, and father of four children, in Phoenix is murdered by police while simpy delivering dinner to his children as police mistake pill bottle for a gun. (Source)

Patrol Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch spoke at a press conference Thursday and implied that Eric Garner was responsible for his own death. “We feel Mr. Garner made a choice that day to resist arrest,” Lynch said. “You can not resist arrest. It leads to a dangerous confrontation.” During the press conference Lynch went to bat for Officer Daniel Pantaleo, stating that he employed “textbook training.” Lynch also disputed the claim that Pantaleo used a choke hold on Garner. Lynch repeated the phrase that Law Enforcement Officers and those in support of the killing of Garner have been saying ad nauseam since July, “If you can speak, you can breathe.” (Source)

We’ve all seen over and over again the horror of Eric Garner being taken down in that chokehold, banned by the police department, and piled on by all of these officers in Staten Island on the sidewalk. But as you write about in your New York Daily News column on Wednesday, “It’s the second Eric Garner video that made me cry. Not the one where Officer Daniel Pantaleo chokes Garner for 15 seconds before smashing his head into the sidewalk for 10 seconds as other cops hold down and cuff Garner, ignoring the pleas he issued with the last air in his lungs: ‘I can’t breathe.’ … It’s the video shot minutes later as Garner lies dying among men and women in uniforms, men and women who seemed not to give half a damn, that broke me down.” Harry Siegel’s words.


4) November 2014. An unarmed black man, and father of six children,  in NY is murdered on video, while everyone stands around, as he speaks out, “I can’t breathe” until life is literally squeezed out of him.



5) March 2012.  A unarmed young 17 yr. old black man in a hoodie in Florida is executed by a paranoid cop simply because he “looks suspicious”. (Source)



6) Sept. 2014. A black man in Utah is shot in the back six times while allegedly brandishing a sword that turns out to be a huge lie. (Source)

In his last moments of life, Grant, the father of a 4-year-old daughter, struggled against being handcuffed and asked several times for police not to shoot.


7) June 2013. A unarmed black man in Oakland is riding BART train in Oakland and while a cop has him clearly subdued, takes out his gun and executes him while claiming that he mistook his gun for his Taser, and is set free (Source)


And all cops go free.  The message, “Good Job, Keep it Up”

And all the black males are dead. The message, “Be obedient, you, or a family member may be next”.

Fact: If you are black, you have a one-in-three chance of going to jail at least once in your lifetime.


To be angry, to be outraged is not enough.

To think this type of “War on Blacks” is not going to morph into a “War on Whites” is sheer IGNORE-ance.  In fact, it already has begun.  Just watch the first 10 minutes of this disturbing video of one upper middle class white families recent plight in CA.


We have a black President who is the sole decider for some 310 million “We the People” that he alone decides law as evidenced here in this great slip of the tongue behind the truth.

We have a black Attorney General who allows criminal banksters to go free, who allows “Fast and Furious” gun running by FBI agents to give assault weapons to Mexican mafia, who then kills U.S. border agents and does nothing but evidence reveals he approved the illegal gun shipments across teh border. (Source)

We have black former Secretary of State, Conde-sleeza Rice, who had an Standad Oil tanker named after her, who approved, and condones torture and rendition without trial or representation while in office and is complicit and silent on the latest executions of innocent men of color by the militarized police in this country.

Their game plan is to conquer by dividing the races. To instill fear on everyone to be obedient and comply. To do as your told and do not ever, every question…and then once every four years you get to punch a card for change, when you well know that nothing will change.

We are all out of hopium. And that is a good thing for the delusion that someone thousands of miles away will make it all better is over. The illusion that somehow some Invisible Hand will come down and spark a new Martin Luther King or Huey Newton or Malcom X is wasted thought and energy. The Powers-that-cannot/will not/ continue to be would never allow the forum for those types to have a national forum to speak.

The simply today would be “suicided” or killed by the Loooooooooooooone Gunman.

This is a time to recognize our common enemy. He/She has no allegiance except to power and to greed. He/She has no race barriers and believes there are too many “useless eaters”, as Dr. Henry Kissinger has called us.




December 3, 2014, New York – Today, Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) Executive Director Vincent Warren released the following statement in response to the news that the Grand Jury in the Eric Garner case failed to indict Daniel Pantaleo, the police officer who killed him with an illegal choke hold.

How can anyone in the community have faith in the system now? First Ferguson, now Staten Island. The Grand Jury’s failure to indict sends the clear message that Black lives don’t matter. But they do. It’s bad enough that broken windows policing over something as harmless as selling untaxed cigarettes led to this tragic killing; it’s even worse when the officer responsible – who was caught on tape using a prohibited choke hold, no less – is not held accountable.

US protesters demand the right to live

From CHINA DAILY News!!!…. The Whole World is Watching.

(China Daily USA)

A UN anti-torture panel that is investigating the United States said on Friday it was deeply concerned by what it described as the high incidence of police brutality and shootings – especially against African-Americans – in the US.

The most basic human right is the right to remain alive. The anger which has swept through Ferguson, Missouri, and has boiled over to other cities across the United States, is an elemental protest against those who have been gradually taking away this right.

The killing of unarmed African-American teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson is only the most publicized instance of daily police killing of unarmed people in the US. Statistically, American citizens are much more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist.

No complete record of police killings in the US is available. But about 400 police killings a year were listed in a US federal database covering only a fraction of the country during a seven year period ending in 2012. Worse, nearly two times a week a black person was killed by the police in the cities listed in the incomplete report.

Among those killed by US police in the past week or so are Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old boy in Cleveland, Ohio, who was shot while playing in a park with a toy gun; Akai Gurley, whose only crime was walking down a dark staircase in his own apartment building in New York City; and Leonardo Marquette Little at a traffic signal in Jacksonville, Florida, who police claimed turned violent while resisting arrest.

To fully understand the epidemic of police killings, we have to see them in the broader context of the progressive militarization of US society. In the past 15 years the US has engaged in a series of wars, military occupations, bombings, air strikes and destabilization of other countries. These wars have inured a large part of the population, and of the police, to endless waves of military activities and related violence. Government reports show that about 20 percent of the US federal government budget is devoted to military costs. But the US War Resistors’ League, taking into account a broader set of military-related costs, estimates that about half the federal budget is devoted to the military.

A large amount of military equipment bought with this money has been turned over to civilian police departments, perhaps out of fear that declining living standards in the US could lead to mass unrest by American working people.

In 2013 alone, about $450 million worth of military equipment was transferred to civilian police departments. The transferred equipment includes military vehicles such as armored personnel carriers, and automatic rifles and grenades.

It’s important to note that this military-grade equipment was being prepared for action not against a foreign country or an external enemy, but for possible use against American citizens. Though these military hardware were not used in most of the police killings, its deployment by civilian police departments signals the possibility – and the threat – of police using deadly military force against civilians.

This threat appeared in full view almost immediately after the death of Michael Brown. Millions of TV and Internet viewers beheld sights previously seen only in US foreign wars or enacted by foreign military and dictators in other countries. There were tanks in the streets and riot police decked in military camouflage were aiming their automatic rifles from atop military vehicles and platforms at demonstrators, and tear gas and rubber bullets were fired to quell protesters.

More than one Ferguson resident said it looked as if their city was “under military occupation”. To add insult to injury, the policeman responsible for killing Michael Brown has been exonerated after a grand jury process held away from public view.


New Obama Joker Poster newobjoker

Now all know he is a fraud, a liar and just one to protect and promote the wealth of the elite and enslavement of the rest of us know.  All, that is, who have eyes to see and ears to hear the difficult, ugly, harsh truth about who is the real power behind the power and no matter who you wish to choose, nothing ever, ever changes except more killing, more incarcerations and more false flag events to take away what is left of our civil liberties of freedom and free will choice.

Obama has declared himself sole lawmaker for 310 million people:

President Obama has declared himself the imperial czar or Great Decider, as he recently, unilaterally declared that he alone decided to give millions of Hispanics temporary drivers licenses for five years if they register, pay taxes and fees.

He alone can close Guantanamo Bay by Executive Order like he did with the NDAA when he declared that he alone had the authority to detain anyone, for any reason without due process. (Source)

He alone declared that he is also legally justified to kill Americans by drone, as he does on Tuesday’s when he meets in the White House to decide who to kill by drone and who not. (Source)

He alone decided that we must all have forced healthcare or fines will be levied by the IRS even though our “healthcare” ranks 34st in the world, number one in cost, as children are more obese, more sick with ADHD, allergies, asthma and autism then at anytime in history yet vaccines are mandatory in schools and we are not even allowed to know what is in our food.




So, when you put all of that stuff together, it was a toxic brew. It was predictably something that would end in an unsatisfying verdict because it was a trial. And I think this underscores the inability of people of color to get our viewpoints across. It is not simply a matter of mistrust or distrust. You know, when somebody is abusing a child, you don’t say, let’s develop trust between a parent and a child. You remove the abusive parent, give them some parenting skills and lessons, or the very least, prevent them from imposing further abuse on that child. So, I think that the very metaphor that regulates and governs the kinds of meetings between the White House, which are critical and necessary, and police departments and citizens, surely, must involve developing trust, but trust only after the abuser has been removed.  Michael Eric Dyso(Source)

And in other cop news….note he is also black

 Philip LeRoy

‘NYC Cop of the Year’ arrested

NEW YORK (MYFOXNY) – NYPD Officer Philip LeRoy, who was named the ‘Cop of the Year’ at his precinct in Queens two years ago, was arrested for allegedly buying cocaine in Florida.The NY Post reported on Wednesday that LeRoy and two other men were busted just before midnight on Monday in Sunrise City, Florida, northwest of Ft. Lauderdale.

According to the paper, the trio were buying 10 kilos of cocaine. LeRoy, the son of a former detective, had his off-duty gun on him at the time.

LeRoy, 28, was charged with felony weapons possession, cocaine trafficking and conspiracy to traffic cocaine. Bail was set at $250,000.

LeRoy has been suspended by the NYPD.


So the “Noble” Peace Prize Awarded President Obomb-ya-all is allocating now millions of dollars for video camera for police. Who Cares? They won’t even indict for a trial the criminals when the video shows the blatant execution by strangulation in front of all.…for doing nothing but being black.  The message to all blacks. “You could be next” and there is no justice, its’ “Just-Us”.

Obama Planning To Increase Funding For The Militarization Of America’s Police Force

 Since 2006,MRAPs, helicopters, machine guns, and night-vision-goggle have been increasingly evident across America as the good ol’ yankee copper morphs into a full-metal-jacket-looking killer (even as the FBI admits the threats to police have not escalated as much as the media would like). So it isjust ‘lucky’ that Ferguson has reignited a narrative that enables President Obama “to discuss federal programs and funding that provide equipment to the state and local enforcement agencies,” in a series of meetings today at The White House. We suspect funding will increase (for your own protection) and a new SWATification Tzar will be unveiled.

‘Towns’ Don’t Need Tanks? San Diego Unified School District Has an MRAP Now

Many of our nation’s sheriffs have been brainwashed that America is a “war zone”  so all of our police departments (even for towns of less than 4,000 people) apparently need mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicles — which basically look like tanks — straight off the battlefields of Afghanistan.

Though the vehicles cost nearly $750,000, many police departments across the nation have acquired their very own MRAP tanks for pennies on the dollar (and sometimes free) from the Pentagon’s controversial surplus program that seeks to dump military equipment into America’s neighborhoods.

Now the indoctrination inside our classrooms can compete with the indoctrination on the school’s front lawn that America is such a police state war zone, it’s totally normal for a school district to also require a tank.

School districts. Are getting. Tanks.


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