Post 9/11. If it’s Fall, It Must Be Terror-ganda Time


“You don’t have any idea what kind of things are going on,” Amash said. “So you have to start just spitting off random questions. Does the government have a moon base? Does the government have a talking bear? Does the government have a cyborg army? If you don’t know what kind of things the government might have, you just have to guess and it becomes a totally ridiculous game of twenty questions.“ Congressman Justin Amash (Source)

Dear Fellow Truthseekers,
As much as so, so many still want to run-to-numb to forget, ignore and deny the greatest attack on U.S. soil ever occurred in our country’s history, 9/11 is not going away. The many, many questions only further the obvious that people with names and address in our government planned, directed, and then covered-up the tragic events of that day and the judge, jury and executioner of who they said did it.
Since they, the Wealthy Elite (not we), who run our Shadow Government, have not been brought to justice, or even slowed down, yet have been chorally outed by many, many scientists, aircraft pilots, engineers, traffic controllers, coroner’s, etc., they will get even more bold on their next major false flag event since they have not been stopped, much less brought to justice.
9/11 was a Watershed event for all. It woke me and so many others up to what our government was really about, and really capable of doing next. WE need everyone to wake up now. The Wealthy Elite (not you), who continually propagate self-created and fake false threats, have a decades long history of using their deadly forces on all, as you see below from the Church Commission hearings.
As you can see of late, greater use of propaganda is occurring, more created and false flag events are happening which likely means we are being set up for a greater event than 9/11 very soon. And it will be a bigger event than 9/11 because the powers behind the power need to lock us all down further, keep us in ever deeper fear for mind control purposes as well as further deny our inherent Co-Creator rights, which are unalienable, unless we let them.


Think Katrina, where 4 days went by and FEMA was not there but guns were confiscated by residents protecting their homes.

Think Sandy Hurricane where no FEMA came for days to rescue people from their flooding homes in NY and NJ.


ThinkBoston Marathon. “Allegedly”, two 19 year old kids, using nails and home pressure cookers, killed and maimed dozens of people on the same day a bombing drill was going on at the finish line. What followed was a lock down of a large part of Boston  and our new lexicon instructions to “Shelter-in-Place”.

(also note that since 9/11, the DHS took over our national road systems and installed these electronic alert signs across the country).



Think Ferguson, MO. where police, ever so willingly, allowed the murdered body of an 18 yr. old black boy to lie in the street where he was murdered, to sit, uncovered for over four hours time, which greatly incited the protests to escalate, with response in military force.


Think Like clockwork each Fall, the noise level increasing every time Football (violence) season begins, until the next, bigger 9/11 event.

If you Think this will all change without everyone waking up to our common reality, Think again.


The Church Commission Hearings.
Way back in the 1970’s, Congressional hearings were held, called the Church Commission.
The CIA Assassinates A Lot Of People (Church Committee):

The Church Committee is the common term referring to the United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, a U.S. Senate committee chaired by Senator Frank Church in 1975.
A precursor to the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, the committee investigated intelligence gathering for illegality by the CIA and FBI after certain activities had been revealed by the Watergate affair.
The Committee uncovered, among many other things, that the CIA had violated its charter to perform only gathering of intelligence. For example, the assassinations of Allende in Chile and Mossadegh in Iran.
Assassinations against Central and South American leaders and revolutionaries, as well as Africa, Middle East and East Asia. The list was tremendous.
They even declassified a “Heart Attack Gun” the Agency had made for the use of killing someone without it being detected. Cancer, car accidents, skiing accidents, suicide, boating accidents, heart attacks, and just plain being shot were common assassination methods.
The hearings, although recorded in full in congressional record, the mainstream media and official policies, is still largely not taught in American schools on recent history. The American public still has no idea this was ever actually confirmed or even took place. It is common for people to still refer to any of these assassinations as a joke or made up conspiracy.
Also extremely disturbingly disclosed and never acted upon to shut it down, was many other hidden activities by our Shadow Government including extensively practicing mind control on unknowing people for over two decades as well as to have the secret creation of a separate “Continuity of Government” that Congress new nothing about whatsoever.
Remember, Congress, as taught in our public indoctrination news, was created to represent the People.

Absolutely NO action was taken after these huge disclosures, which means these programs are ALL still in place, yet much more advanced and more sophisticated today but not as much as we will see tomorrow unless more awaken and Act.
To watch the Full Church Committee Hearings, see Here.


If your not familiar with James Corbett, you need to be. He, along with Mel at Veritas radio, Henrik at Red Ice Creations, are the best of the best, IMHO, of those real-time chronicling the truth movement now. Download onto your recording devices and use any mindless transportation time as your classroom, then share with others.
This is the new grassroots movement and it is a mandatory participating action if any meaningful change we all wish to see is going to occur in our or our childrens lifetimes.


The Ongoing 9 11 Script

The International Forecaster

The 9/11 Terror Script

by James Corbett

August 30, 2014


Here’s a forecast: Americans in particular and the Western world in general are going to be exposed to an increasing cycle of hysterical, hyperventilating news reports over the course of the next month on the serious existential threat posed by ISIS.


OK, OK, I didn’t necessarily have to go out on a limb for that one. But how about this forecast: this round of terror hysteria (terrsteria?), like every similar round in the past twelve years, will ultimately fizzle out and disappear from the headlines by October.


Given that everyone in the MSM is parroting the terror propaganda (terrorganda?) without question, and even those in the alt media (including myself) have warned that this is a possible sign of a coming false flag event, the idea that all of this hype will amount to nothing is a somewhat bolder forecast, but it’s one that’s being made by researcher/author Lenon Honor. He’s outlined a “9/11 Program” that identifies a pattern that crops up every year during the six weeks leading up to the September 11th anniversary.


Remember last year? The hype started with the US’ closure of dozens of diplomatic missions in Africa and the Middle East at the beginning of August. Things ramped up on September 9th with a white paper called “Jihadist Terrorism: A Threat Assessment” citing a resurgent Al Qaeda terror threat from the globalist-connected “Bipartisan Policy Center.” This coincided with a run up of hysteria about Syria’s chemical weapons generated from the (now proven) false flag chemical weapon attack in Houla in the outskirts of Damascus in late August. On September 24th the propaganda crew at West Point’s “Combating Terrorism Center” released their own hyped up report on that threat: “The Risk of Non-State Actors Acquiring Chemical Weapons in Syria.” The hysteria culminated on September 25th with the U.S. State Department’s abrupt invocation of a worldwide travel advisory claiming that Al Qaeda “or its affiliated groups” (what a useful phrase) “may elect to use conventional or nonconventional weapons, and target both official and private interests.” In other words: ‘everyone in the world should be afraid of any kind of strike that could take place against any target at any time in any number of ways.’ Or, in other other words: ‘BE AFRAID!’ Net result? Nada.


Or how about 2012? The terror campaign launched with the US government issuing a worldwide caution in July to citizens abroad over terror groups which “continue to plan terrorist attacks against U.S. interests in multiple regions, including Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.” At the end of August it was reported that a new FBI / DHS joint security bulletin was warning that “anarchists” could attempt to disrupt that year’s political conventions with “acid-filled eggs,” a threat that (shockingly) failed to materialize. A car bombing in Peshawar that injured two US embassy officials on September 3rd served as foreshadow of the carnage in Benghazi the next week. On September 11, 2012, the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi was overrun, killing Ambassador Stevens and three others and launching an ongoing political scandal over who knew what when about the terror threat in Libya. The end result of that round of hysteria? No attacks on American soil.


Or 2011. That year’s 9/11 anniversary was dominated by coverage of a “specific, credible but unconfirmed” threat from the FBI’s favorite boogeyman, Al-CIAda. Despite the fact that this threat consisted of nothing more than “chatter” and the fact that “al Qaeda has shown an interest in important dates and anniversaries,” specific details somehow emerged in the lurid media reporting of the threat, including the fact that it “may have come from the Pakistani border regions.” The ultimate payoff of that year’s threat? Nothing.


And so on and and so forth. There was the Europe-wide terror threat of September 2010, or the Ground Zero mosque psy-op of 2009, or the US Embassy attack in Yemen in September 2008, etc. Indeed, it seems to be the case every single year around this time: certain 9/11 “trigger” stories involving plane crashes and terror threats and Ground Zero and Homeland Security take place in late summer, culminating with the 9/11 anniversary and a crescendo of terror hype, only to fizzle out by October. It has become as predictable as clockwork, and this year’s terror hype over ISIS is no different.


This year we have seen the surprising advance of ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or simply the Islamic State) across the border of Syria and into Iraq in June. This brought ISIS to the attention of many in the US and the western world who had never heard of it before, and since then we have been exposed to ever more spectacular propaganda to convince us that this is the deadliest new group since sliced bread (or something like that). First it was the rounds of photos claiming to show the group’s brutal execution and treatment of its prisoners (at least some of which appear to have been recycled from other countries at other times). Then we witnessed the psy-op of the James Foley “beheading” video, which is now widely admitted to be faked and reported as such by The Times newspaper in the UK. This has now culminated in a joint press conference by US Secretary of Defense Hagel and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair General Dempsey in which they laid out ISIS’ “End-of-Days” vision and stressed that the group is “beyond anything that we’ve seen.” Senator James Inhofe has joined the fray, insisting that the group is working on plans to “blow up” an American city, and numerous outlets have now suggested that city may be Chicago.


ISIS did not just spring out of nowhere, though. Following the group’s convoluted history back through its tangled web of multiple name changes and allegiances, we find that it officially began as “The Organization of Monotheism and Jihad” (or JTJ in its Arabic acronym) in Iraq in early 2004 under the leadership of Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi. This is the same Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi who was, according to official reports in the MSM: killed in a bombing raid in April of 2003; miraculously resurrected to be arrested in Fallujah in 2004; re-arrested in Baakuba in January of 2005; evacuated from Iraq in May of 2005; killed in fighting in June of 2005; and once again resurrected to be killed once again (presumably for good) in 2006. Somehow amidst all of that, he had the time to swear his budding terror group’s allegiance to Bin Laden and become “Al Qaeda in Iraq.”


Despite being the “most feared” enemy of the US in Iraq during the height of the US occupation of that country, somehow or other the US ended up (even in the official MSM narrative) aiding the group by toppling Gaddafi in Libya, which allowed the jihadists who had converged on that country access to the government’s weapons caches, which were then transported out to Syria (and into the waiting hands of ISIS and the other jihadis there) via Benghazi. For those who’ve done their homework on Benghazi, this is what the Benghazi attack was really about: covering up the CIA’s assistance in that gun-running operation.


After Libya, the US and its allies turned their attention to overthrowing Assad and began openly cooperating with an assortment of radical Sunni jihadist groups that had infested the country, including ISIS, whose members they helped train at a US base in Jordan in 2012.


Now here we are in 2014, being asked to believe that this group just emerged fully-formed onto the world scene with hundreds of millions of dollars in funding, convoys of identical Toyota trucks, and an arsenal most countries in the region would be envious of, including Stinger missiles, anti-aircraft guns, anti-tank weapons, Blackhawk helicopters and cargo planes, and even a Scud missile. The nuclear terror meme is even given succor by the fact that the group raided some nuclear materials from Mosul University last month (although the IAEA apparently isn’t concerned).


For those of us who understand how the Islamic terror threat has been primarily fomented, fostered, aided, supplied, shepherded, protected and directed by western intelligence since the era of British colonialism, and how Al Qaeda and its various offshoots specifically have been actively aided by the CIA since its birth alongside the Reagan-supported “freedom fighters“/Taliban in Afghanistan in the 1980s, the story of the arrival of ISIS on the world stage will be all too familiar. Groups like this, with the funding and equipment they have at their disposal, do not just suddenly appear on the scene. They are fostered, protected and aided by powerful forces. This seems to be precisely the case with ISIS, which has in recent years been aided officially (if indirectly) by the US, and unofficially in more direct capacities.


The conclusion we can draw from this (and one that I put forward in my most recent “New World Next Week” video with James Evan Pilato of is one of extreme caution. Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and the smoke of the current ISIS terror hype could be a harbinger of the fire of the next false flag event. Certainly all the pieces are there: shadowy terror group, seeding of the narrative in the public’s mind, a technical and logistical capability that they have been helped along with, a target (Chicago?), an upcoming 9/11 anniversary. What better time for a false flag event to once again mobilize the public around the next stage of the flagging War on Terror and usher in the next stage of the Ferguson-style militarized police state?


But as commentators like Lenon Honor are pointing out, sometimes where there’s smoke there’s just a smokescreen. In this case the smoke of ISIS terror paranoia (terrornoia?) may be nothing more than another example of that yearly 9/11 anniversary script, the increasing cycle of terror propaganda that helps remind the American people of their national tragedy and appreciate all the great things their fearless leaders are doing to protect them. If this is indeed the case, we can expect some more scare stories, perhaps a global travel advisory or panic over a “specific, credible threat” that gets pumped through the 24/7 news cycle for a few days before fizzling out come October.


Given the stakes that are on the table in the event of another 9/11-style false flag event on US soil and the almost unimaginable consequences that such an event would bring about, let’s hope those who are decrying this Chicken Little 9/11 terror script are right that there’s nothing to this. But let’s also never forget that when the “authorities” tell us that the terrorists can be foiled a thousand times but only need to be successful once, they are exactly correct. The only question is: who are the terrorists?


Change will not happen until We decide to make the change.

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